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About Us

Luxury Tailored Living is a short-term rental company based in Atlanta with a mission to provide safe & luxurious rental experiences.

Caribbean native and Founder, Camille Taylor, has been trained in the art of hospitality from a very young age. On any given holiday, you would find little Camille wandering around the house, checking if everyone tasted her mom’s famous ginger beer and making sure that her uncle, who was fresh from the islands, had gotten extra gravy on his rice. To no one’s surprise, her love for hosting and catering continued into adulthood as she became the dependable host at friend and family gatherings.

Camille’s four years of professional experience at the USAA as a loans officer along with her countless years of hands-on experience in hosting and catering were the driving force behind the launch of Luxury Tailored Living in 2021. Her first property (“The Kennedy”), located in Midtown Atlanta, debuted in October 2021, and quickly gained notoriety from other real estate companies, locals, and CEOs.

As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother, Camille has a heart to serve still beating strong, you can always find her husband somewhere near behind gently whispering, “RELAX”. That one small word is what our mission is here at Luxury Tailored Living – to create a luxurious experience for the on-the-go businessman and businesswoman to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether you’re looking to take your date night to the next level or are in need of an intimate space for your next business retreat, Luxury Tailored Living is sure to fulfill your rental needs. No need to pack heavy for a stay at one of our Tailored locations. Simply Check In, Relax, and Unwind.